5 Smart Tips To Beat Your Alcohol Cravings

5 Smart Tips To Beat Your Alcohol Cravings

Alcohol Withdrawal

Are you hooked on to alcohol and trying to overcome the addiction? You must understand that it’s not a smooth ride if you don’t know how to do it smartly. There’s a risk of relapse before becoming sober if you do use the right strategies. During the journey, you’re likely to face withdrawal symptoms that can be managed by a rehab center. However, the hardest bit of stopping alcohol addiction is dealing with regular cravings when trying to abandon the bottle. Here are 5 smart tips to beat your alcohol cravings.

Eliminate traces of alcohol

The first thing to do is to ensure that your home is free from any traces of alcohol. With a few bottles in the fridge, you might find yourself grabbing one after craving. This will cause relapse and less chance of stopping drinking. Easy availability and accessibility increase the chances of relapse. The solution is to discard all cans and bottles of alcohol out of your home.

Stay away from alcohol triggers

Some people, places, and situations promote alcohol cravings. Perhaps you might feel an urge to drink after dinner. Consider drinking a non-alcoholic beverage instead or take a walk. Developing control over your cravings is likely to see you transition into social life again without drinking. Ensure to avoid moments that come with too much excitement, frustration, or stress. These might entice you to grab a drink. If you want to have a great time, consider a non-alcoholic place to have a great time with sober people.

Visit a rehab center

One of the most recommended solutions to beating alcohol withdrawal is to seek professional assistance in one of the best alcohol detox centers in NJ. Life in a detox center is safe and free from circumstances that might trigger a relapse. Here, you will spend life with like-minded people focusing on getting their lives back on track. A reliable alcohol detox facility should offer recovery treatment through credible programs.

Relax from stress

Most people drink to beat the stress from a hard day at work or after having arguments with other people. You should always opt for healthier solutions to beat stress than grabbing a bottle. Consider mind relaxation techniques or engage in activities that make your mind and body active. Activities including yoga and physical exercises induce feel-good hormones for your overall wellbeing. Other options to relax your mind might include:

  • Gardening
  • Listening to music
  • Dancing
  • Taking a mountain trip

Build a support network

Sometimes, it pays to have a strong support for situations when the cravings hit hard. Have someone to talk to in difficult situations to prevent relapse. Consider joining AAA meetings where you can get a sponsor to motivate you to stay sober. You will enjoy an opportunity to hear stories and ideas on how to deal with the disease.


Detoxifying your body of alcohol is a very important step to regain sobriety. Your body will get cleansed of toxins and replenished with essential minerals and vitamins. The above tips will help you avoid relapse on the journey to living an alcohol-free life.


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Five Ways to Deal with Stress While Recovering from Addictions

Five Ways to Deal with Stress While Recovering from Addictions

alcohol and drug rehab

When starting a drug rehabilitation program, you might notice some sudden changes in the coming days that might stress you out more than anything. Here are some tips for how to deal with stress that comes with the rigorous recovery process.

Once you choose one of many centers that drug detox New Jersey has to offer, you are expected to make multiple big decisions regarding your future lifestyle. You can severely miss drinking and/or doing drugs like your life depends on it, and this alone can give you a great deal of anxiety.

Fortunately, we have compiled a list of 5 surefire ways to cope with stress during your recovery from addiction.

Remember A Situational Technique to Combat Anxiety

The best way to stop anxiety is to prevent it altogether. This way, you can put the kibosh on your stress before it becomes a serious problem for you. With that said, try to think of a good way to overcome stress throughout your everyday life. If you feel that it is working well for you, stick with it every time you feel the urge to become addicted once more. Such strategies include deep breathing techniques, squeezing a stress ball, or simply remembering a good explanation of why you shouldn’t drink or smoke when asked.

Explore Healthy Diets

It isn’t uncommon for people who were once addicted to drugs and/or alcohol to lose their appetite. One of the benefits of recovering from addiction is to delve into the search for healthy foods.

Simply put, food that is good for you is great in detoxing stress and soreness from your body. You will feel good and you will fight off stress if you continue to eat healthily. Our drug and alcohol treatment centers suggests Thai cuisine for healthy meals that taste delicious and make you feel better overall.

Find an Activity That You Are Passionate About

While people do not like the thought of working out, there are other ways to stay active and lift your mood, while still dealing with stress. Odds are, there has to be something that you will end up enjoy doing, and this can be something that you look forward to every week or every now and then. Examples of activities include bowling, swimming, axe throwing, taking dance lessons, and more. One or more of these activities can serve as a momentary stress buster and can replace times of evening drinking.

Keep Your Life Organized

To keep stress away in your home or office, you will need to keep everything tidy. Your bedroom, your desk, your kitchen, and other rooms that you frequent should have as little clutter as possible to stay productive and stress-free throughout the day.

Consider parting with things you don’t need in your life that are just in the way; clothes you never wear, outdated equipment, appliances that you never turn on, etc. If you are somebody who has too many things and feels as if you do not need them all, you will be better off without them.

Sleep with A Weighted Blanket

Of course, we all spend one-third of our lives sleeping. It’s not uncommon to feel worried and anxious in our sleep, as it is often when negative thoughts fill our minds. Regardless, you need a good night’s sleep to feel positive the next day. When you are in recovery, however, you cannot take any sleeping aid, as they are considered drugs themselves. Instead, a weighted blanket can often ease your tension while you sleep. They fit snugly around your body and calibrate weight just right for you to relax easier.


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