The Top 11 Advantages You Get When You Quit Alcohol

The Top 11 Advantages You Get When You Quit Alcohol

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Are you considering to quit alcohol?

That is great because there are plenty of benefits you will get when you opt for alcohol detox NJ.

Here are some of the surprising advantages you will experience in your alcohol secession journey:

You Feel Better

Alcohol makes you sick. It makes your body weak, numbs your brain, and lowers your spirit.

A lot of people have died because of booze consumption. When you quit alcohol, you become stable, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally translating into a better life.

You Look Younger

Alcohol is hard on your skin. It distorts your appearance, sags your skin, ages, and tires you and in an advanced stage, you will notice your skin turning yellow – a condition we call jaundice. When you quit alcohol your skin will look vibrant and your eyes brighter. So, put the bottle down and regain that youth radiance.

You Save Money

It costs a few bucks to buy a whiskey shot, a can of beer, or glass of wine but this becomes expensive when you take it on a daily basis. Besides, alcohol consumption leads one to make bad financial, romantic, business and legal decisions. Staying away from alcohol gives you the opportunity to make the right decisions thus saving you money.

You Get New Connections

Most alcohol addicts tend to be completely isolated from other people. Central to this is the fact that people hate staying around drunks. So, marriages, friendships, and partnerships are dissolved because of alcoholism. When you cease alcohol consumption, you will build better relationships. You will be a better father, spouse, or business partner

You Can Lose Weight

Alcohol contributes highly to increasing your weight since it has plenty of empty calories. When you walk the sobriety journey, you will lose weight within three months naturally.

Reduce Heart Attack Risks

Booze causes health risks. Heart attack, high blood pressure, cardiomyopathy which leads to failure of the heart and even causes death. Quit alcohol and save your life.

You Involve in More Activities

A life free of alcohol problem allows you to enjoy various activities. You will be able to fish, play music, garden and accomplish more and get fulfillment, joy, and pleasure.

You Heal Your Liver

High intake of alcohol is causing damage to your liver. The extreme end brings about cirrhosis, hepatitis or fatty liver as health conditions. The good news is that when you stop taking alcohol, your liver recovers because it is a regenerative organ with the capacity to repair itself.

You Can Right Past Wrongs

It is obvious that a drunk makes a lot of mistakes against the people around them. Though you might not be intending to do this, the people you have hurt could be many. Forsaking booze will help you rebuild bridges and make strong relationships.

You Sleep Better

Chronic alcohol intake leads to insomnia, nightmares, frequent bathroom visits in the night, and sleep disruptions. This poisons your body and interrupts the natural procedures of your body. When you cease taking alcohol, your brain adapts a lasting, refreshing, and healthy sleep.

Achieve Your Dreams

Alcohol problems take most of your energy, time, and money and this is a great hindrance to your dreams. When you quit you will have a clear mind and draft your goals and achieve them. Taking alcohol detox NJ seriously will help you believe in your abilities.


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Alcohol Addiction in New Jersey: Cause, Effects, and Treatments

Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol addiction is a chronic and progressive disease that affects people from all walks of life. Although there isn’t a single cause, experts say genetic, behavioral, and psychological factors can contribute to the disease.

Many people don’t know that alcohol is a disease. Alcoholism is a mental disease that needs medical attention. Unfortunately, the society is always judging these people and blaming them for not being able to control their actions.

Alcoholism can portray itself in different ways, however, how often a person drinks, the severity of the disease and the alcohol brand that they consume varies from one person to the other. Someone is clinically an addict if they heavily rely on alcohol and cannot stay sober for an extended amount of time. In such cases, it’s important that they enroll in one of the alcohol treatment centers in NJ.

The causes of alcoholism

Drinking at an early age

Statistics show that those who start drinking alcohol at an early age are highly likely to develop a physical dependence on alcohol or alcohol issues as they grow. Reason being the drinking becomes part of their life, and because their tolerance levels tend to go up.

Stressful environments

Although not everyone turns to alcohol when they’re stressed, some do. When a person has relationship issues, or money issue, for instance, they drink to try to forget their problems. Stressful work environments like hospitals can also cause one to turn to drinking. To minimize the risk factors, people who are susceptible can develop healthy habits like exercising, taking a nap, or even reading a book.


Bipolar disorder, depression, chronic stress, anxiety and other mental problems can raise alcoholism risk. It’s easy for someone to turn to alcohol when they feel depressed or anxious because alcohol effects seem to ease the feelings for a while. When the alcohol clears from the body, and depression sets in again, the person may resort to drinking more, which develops into a habit.

Family history

If someone has a parent or relative who is or was an addict, their risk of alcohol abuse automatically increases – partly because of genetics, and also because of association. When a person spends time with a heavy drinker, they can be influenced to drink too.

Effects of alcoholism

Alcoholism can cause liver and heart diseases, which are fatal. Other effects include:

  • Bone loss
  • Congenital disabilities
  • Ulcers
  • Vision problems
  • Sexual problems
  • Diabetes complications
  • Suppressed immune function
  • Increased risk of cancer

Alcoholism is associated with an increased homicide and suicide incidences and even road accidents. The issues that come with alcohol addiction are reasons why family and friends should enroll their loved ones in alcohol treatment centers in NJ as soon as they realize the symptoms.

Treatments for alcoholism

The treatment of addiction can be challenging and complex. For the procedure to work, the patient must make a conscious decision of wanting to stay sober, because otherwise, the efforts will be futile. Staying away from alcohol is a lifetime commitment, and alcohol withdrawal has its side effects, that’s why it heavily relies on the patient’s desire to get better. Often alcoholism is treated in rehabs and may take anywhere between 30 days to a year depending on several factors.


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