Signs of Addiction that Requires Detoxification, Rehab and Addiction Treatment

Addicted Man

The surprising fact about addiction is that some people never realize they are addicted.

While people around the individual may recognize the addiction, the individual himself or herself may not accept it and seek treatment.

Over 20 million Americans are in need of treatment for drug and alcohol, but less than 1% are able to access it.

If you are not sure if you need treatment for addiction, here are some pointers that may help you decide.

When you’re having health issues due to substance abuse

Drugs and alcohol have different effects on the body, and in most cases, they’re harmful, especially when abused for a long time. For example, alcohol abuse leads to severe liver, brain and heart damage. Misuse of opiates might lead to permanent brain damage due to a slowdown in breathing.

Stimulants are known to cause psychosis and cardiovascular failure. Secondary effects of drugs include contracting HIV or hepatitis C through the sharing of needles.

If alcohol or drug use is taking a toll on your health, then it’s a clear sign that your body is being harmed. It is time to end the dependence on alcohol or drugs by seeking treatment at one of the rehab centers in NJ.

When everyone around you is asking you to quit the substance abuse

Your family and friends care about you, and wouldn’t want to see you waste your life away. When your loved ones tell you to quit using drugs or alcohol, it’s likely that they’ve observed its effects on you. You should probably pay heed to their concerns.

Experience withdrawal symptoms whenever you try stopping

The deeper the addiction, the more acute the withdrawal symptoms. When a person addicted to drugs or alcohol tries to stop using on their own, they experience withdrawal symptoms. They are unable to cope with the physical symptoms of withdrawal and go back to using in order to obtain relief from the physical effects of withdrawal.

Withdrawal symptoms include nausea, headaches, chills, irritability, paranoia, insomnia, cramps and more. If you find yourself in this seemingly unending cycle, then it’s about time to seek professional help. In order to address the withdrawal symptoms the affected individual the affected person needs to enter a detox program.

Medications administered during detoxification ensure that negative results of withdrawal such as seizures or stroke are kept at bay.

When you face negative consequences as a result of substance abuse

It might start with just one missing a class in school, not accomplishing your specific task at work, turning in assignments late or being tardy at work and so on. Unfortunately, such instances usually become more serious over time as addiction advances. If you notice that it’s impacting your school grades or the quality of work, then the right thing to do is speak to the professionals at one of the rehab centers in NJ. This help will go a long way in ensuring you don’t face further negative consequences of your addiction.

When you’re willing to quit, but aren’t able to

Sometimes, you may have the right intentions of cutting back and eventually ending your substance abuse problem. But when you find yourself going back to your substance of choice time and again, you have to let an expert help you now, before your problems escalate.


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