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    Drug Rehab NJ

    If you are struggling with addiction to prescription drugs, such as Oxycodone, Oxycontin, hydrocodone, Vicodin, Percocet, codeine and morphine or other illicit drugs such as heroin and fentanyl, and seeking addiction treatment in order to get relief from opiate withdrawal symptoms and enter recovery, you’re at the right place. The Center for Network Therapy’s Medical Director is America’s leading addiction treatment expert and has been recognized for innovating addiction treatment in order to make it more accessible, making CNT the leading drug rehab center in NJ.

    Center for Network Therapy (CNT) provides different levels of addiction treatment so that treatment can be tailored to individual needs. CNT’s services include outpatient detoxification, partial care and IOP. CNT’s detoxification program utilizes medication assisted treatment, or MAT. Buprenorphine, with brand names such as Suboxone, Subutex, Zubsolv, is the medication of choice to address opiate withdrawal. Medication assisted
    treatment is supported by counseling. All drug and alcohol treatment CNT provides is evidence-based. Our skilled staff is experienced in providing medical interventions and therapeutic treatment.

    CNT is a drug rehab in New Jersey that will stand with you in your fight against addiction and help you overcome it with a comprehensive menu of
    treatment services that is affordable. We understand that path to recovery is different for each individual.

    The reason CNT is able to deliver better results than other drug rehabs in NJ is because we take the time to understand the underlying issues that act as triggers, and provide you with innovative tools to address them effectively.

    As evidence by the number of positive testimonials provided by our patients, we are one of the most trusted drug rehab centers in NJ offering high-quality addiction treatment to our patients.

    Recovery from drugs and alcohol in nj

    The Treatment Services We Provide:

    At CNT, our first priority it to ensure the safety and privacy of our patients. CNT is licensed by the State of New Jersey to provide medically monitored ambulatory detox from drugs, alcohol, and other addictive substances. What makes us unique is our focus on strengthening the network around our patients – family and friends. Through family interventions, we ensure our patients receive an elevated level of support from their network. This increases the probability of sustaining recovery, as it helps to prevent relapse and leads to a drug-free, healthy life.

    The modalities of care at our center include: Medical Detox – In this level of care, patients’ withdrawal symptoms and cravings are addressed and progress is closely monitored by our licensed medical staff. The goal is to wean patients off of medications slowly with the patient’s comfort in mind after their withdrawal symptoms and cravings are effectively addressed. Only drug rehabs in NJ can provide this service.

    homeless drug addictTherapy to move the patient from pre-contemplation to contemplation stage is
    provided and relapse prevention and coping skills are introduced.

    Partial Care – This is a less acute level of care as compared to detoxification.

    Patients are in this program during the day on weekdays.

    In this level of care post-acute withdrawal symptoms are addressed and therapy is provided in order to solidify skills learned in therapy.

    Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – It is offered in the evening hours to ensure it is convenient for students as well as professionals.

    It provides continued therapy at a lesser intensity level that Partial Care and it helps in a smooth transition into a normal daily life.

    What Therapeutic Techniques are utilized?

    Detoxification by experts – We have an experienced multi-disciplinary team of professionals to administer drug and alcohol detoxification medications utilizing proven protocols.

    Motivational Interviewing – It is a counseling method that is patient-centric and the counseling style elicits behavioral change by helping patients to explore and resolve ambivalence.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – The core principles of this approach is problem solving.

    It also attempts to make a person happy by modifying dysfunctional emotions, behaviors and thoughts. It is widely acknowledged that CBT is most effective to address substance use disorders.

    Why Choose drug rehab in NJ – Recovery CNT 

    CNT is the leading drug rehab clinic in NJ with proven outcomes.

    We offer a broad range of addiction treatment services and individualize medication and therapeutic protocols to meet the patient “where they are.”

    Our staff is experienced and empathetic and brings a unique level of understanding of addiction and addiction treatment to the table.

    CNT’s proven protocols helps to mitigate the inherent risks in a drug rehab program. We take the time to listen and apply a consultative approach to meet our patients’ needs. Also, we ensure that we are available a round-the-clock to help our patients through difficult moments and high-risk situations.

    For more details about the treatments, please call us today or go to

    In case of emergency call 911 or head to the nearest ER.


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