The Fix : Are we ignoring an escalating benzodiazapine epidemic?

Addiction expert and CNT’s medical director, Dr. Cidambi recently wrote an Op Ed piece for The Fix, America’s leading online resource for individuals affected by substance use disorders. She focused on the rising rate of overdose deaths from overdose of benzodiazepines and how it could worsen the drug epidemic we are facing.

Physicians News Digest : Is your doctor enabling your addiction to pain pills?

Physicians News Digest published an article from addiction expert, Dr. Indra Cidambi, about how some doctors inadvertently enable addiction to prescription pain pills and other prescription medication such as benzodiazepines. Dr. Cidambi helps individuals identify situations where their physician is enabling their addiction.

The Dangers of DIY Detox Programs

The Dangers of DIY Detox Programs

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According to studies from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), only one out of every ten alcohol and drug users receive treatment at a professional rehab center or facility. The reasons that many users do not go to receive treatment include not feeling ready to stop the abuse, cannot afford the treatment, feeling that the treatment was too inconvenient, and more.

As an alternative to outpatient detoxification, some patients attempt to get help from doing it yourself (DIY) detox plans. These plans are generally used in a person’s home, and they often involve medicine and other drugs that are not proven to help a patient recover.

Detoxing at home sounds like an appealing choice for patients who do not have time, money, or effort to invest in to get treatment from a professional. DIY detox allows patients to spend less money compared to an outpatient program, as well as use the program in the comfort of their home where they are able to continue their daily activities, and even maintain jobs and family obligations.

However, there only is one proper way to detox, and that is with professional help. No DIY detox kits will guarantee you any significant results towards recovery, or will allow you to withdraw from alcohol or drugs in a safe way. In the worst case scenario, a DIY detox plan could cause you to end up in the hospital, in which the bill would cost more than the outpatient detoxification treatment.

There are several downsides to relying on DIY detox programs. These include still having access to the drugs that you may try to get away from, in addition to being familiar with places that would trigger you to use them. The stress and psychological issues that a person might experience at home might still encourage the user to drink and do drugs, as if no change or detox plan had even begun.

Studies have shown that of a population of people who managed to recover on their own, 57 percent of those people did so by considering the benefits and detriments of drinking. The most common reason why those people their maintained abstinence was spousal support, or support from a family member.

Rather than DIY detox plans, outpatient detox is another option that we recommend strongly. Patients can still live at home, but visit a treatment center for availing services at a certain time of day. Treatments can take from one intensive session to a series of shorter sessions. Outpatient detox programs can last from 3 days to 2 weeks, depending on the program that is chosen.

Outpatient detox programs are more affordable than inpatient programs. These programs also allow you to interact with peers who may be suffering from the same or similar problems at the same time. These detox programs will not affect your job, either, as these visits can take place outside your working hours, including during evenings. With outpatient detox, you will also have access to effective and safe medications that can help mitigate withdrawal symptoms.

Of course, many people choose to avoid getting professional help due to how much it costs, but there are more ways than ever before to afford a plan for treatment. For users who do not have health insurance, clinics offer flexibility on payment plans so that more patients are able to pay. Flexible payment plans allow you to pay in increments each month, and the less money that you have to pay each month, the more months you will need to pay for. However, whatever payment plan that patients can afford is definitely worth it.


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3 Benefits You Get By Attending Alcoholics Anonymous Program

3 Benefits You Get By Attending Alcoholics Anonymous Program

Many people are dying because they suffer from the addiction to alcohol. In the US alone, each year, there are hundreds of people dying because of this addiction. It is a very sad but yet the bitter truth. Most of them believe that they cannot overcome the addiction that they have and think that their life is over. They firmly believe that no matter how much effort they put, they cannot achieve their dream of becoming free from the bondage of alcohol.

To all of those who are suffering from this kind of addiction, there is a ray of hope through the alcohol detox centers that you can now find all around the country. Some of these centers also offer programs such as alcoholics anonymous NJ.

It is one of the best programs that those who are suffering from an addiction to alcohol should attend. There are numerous benefits that they get to enjoy when they participate in this kind of programs. Many are unaware of these programs and the advantages that come from attending them. Here is a list of the benefits that you will get to enjoy.

The Needed Guidance: While many people can advise those suffering from the alcohol addiction to quit drinking, only people who overcame the addiction can give them better guidance. They know the realities of the problem better than people who do not know what it is like to suffer from this addiction.

These people have tried their best until they overcame the problem. This program allows people who overcame and those who are doing their best to overcome this addiction to come and speak in these gathering. They will come and give the needed guidance and support to people suffering from the alcohol addiction.

People who are suffering from this habit can better relate to their experiences and find ways to overcome the addiction. And these gatherings are not held in a detox center, but they organize it in cruises or other exciting locations.

Power of a Group: There is so much power when a group of individuals decides to do a certain thing. If an individual wants to overcome the addiction that they may be suffering from, it is quite difficult. It is hard to motivate oneself to overcome an addiction that has now become a habit. But, when you are sitting in a group and committing to do something, you are more stern about the decision.

Members of the group can motivate each other and make things happen. Sometimes, it is hard for people who are suffering from an addiction to taking advise from people whom they love.

They are too casual about the suggestions they receive from them. But, when a group of people who are doing their best to overcome or has come over the addiction speaks to them, they will listen.

Gives the Hope: Now, hope is the most important attribute that people should not lose if they want to achieve anything in life. By attending programs such as alcoholics anonymous NJ, a person will become confident about themselves. People do have a better chance of overcoming the addiction when they choose to participate in this kind of programs.


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