Long Island Backstory : Advantages of the Ambulatory Detox model relative to Traditional models

Gary Jacobs, Chief Editor of Long Island Backstory interviews Dr. Cidambi: Advantages of the Ambulatory Detox model relative to Traditional models. Mr. Jacobs acknowledges the pioneering effort of Dr. Cidambi to drive towards a lower cost, higher efficacy model to treat addiction.

Lansing State Journal : Dr. Cidambi’s advice on how to cutback from excessive alcohol consumption

A newspaper from Lansing, Michigan leverages Dr. Cidambi’s deep expertise in drug and alcohol addiction to help their readers identify if they are drinking excessively and offr ways to cutback.

Pizza Today Magazine : What’s your employee sobriety responsibility?

Dr. Indra Cidambi, medical director/founder of the Center for Network Therapy, a Middlesex, New Jersey, outpatient drug program, says the food service industry has among the highest rate of illicit drug use. A factor is the stressful nature of the job, which can encourage self-medicating/drug abuse, says Cidambi.


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