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    The Center for Network Therapy (CNT) is led by Indra Cidambi, M.D., who has been recognized for her innovations in addiction treatment. Although opiate withdrawal was sometimes treated in an outpatient setting, she was the first to introduce outpatient treatment for alcohol withdrawal and benzodiazepine withdrawal. Besides lending her expertise to numerous media outlets, she has also been a prolific writer on topics that concern addiction and treatment.

    Below you will find articles, op-eds and opinion pieces that explain new or emerging substances of abuse, new medications that may impact treatment and analysis of addiction treatment options.


    The Top 11 Advantages You Get When You Quit Alcohol

    The Top 11 Advantages You Get When You Quit Alcohol Are you considering to quit alcohol? That is great because there are plenty of benefits you will get when you opt for alcohol detox NJ. Here are some of the surprising advantages you will experience in your alcohol secession journey: You Feel Better Alcohol makes ...
    21 Feb 2017

    Alcohol Addiction in New Jersey: Cause, Effects, and Treatments

    Alcohol Addiction in New Jersey: Cause, Effects, and Treatments Alcohol addiction is a chronic and progressive disease that affects people from all walks of life. Although there isn’t a single cause, experts say genetic, behavioral, and psychological factors can contribute to the disease. Many people don’t know that alcohol is a disease. Alcoholism is a ...
    6 Feb 2017


    TIME FOR DETOX There are so many people today in our society that have gotten themselves addicted to drugs and because addiction is so commonplace it seems as though it’s the trendy thing to do. People are participating heavily in drug activity and many are into taking some type of recreational drug with the hope ...
    30 Jan 2017

    What Everybody Ought to Know About Benzodiazepines

    What Everybody Ought to Know About Benzodiazepines Benzodiazepines are one of the popular medications that they prescribe to the older people in the United States. They have some fantastic qualities which work directly on the central nervous system. It can help reduce anxiety and seizures, relaxes the muscles and can induce sleep. Short-term use of ...
    23 Jan 2017

    Cbslocal.com : Parents Hooked On Heroin

    CBS News reached out to addiction treatment pioneer, Dr. Indra Cidambi, to get her views on the impact on children of their parents’ addiction.
    17 Jan 2017


    BREAKING THE CHAINS OF ADDICTION   Alcohol addiction does not discriminate – people of every race and every social strata are equally susceptible, as genetics plays a role in addiction! It is important to realize that addiction to any substance is not a behavioral problem that needs to be punished. While the initial experimentation with ...
    9 Jan 2017

    Foxnews.com : What you need to know about fentanyl

    Fox News sought out addiction expert, Dr. Cidambi’s opinion on factors related to Prince’s death from fentanyl overdose and more generally, on the opiate epidemic in America.
    6 Jan 2017

    3 Things You Should Consider When Finding Drug Treatment Centers

    3 Things You Should Consider When Finding Drug Treatment Centers It is the most unfortunate thing to note that most of the youth in the USA and other countries are getting into drugs. No one knows how dangerous life is going to be when they begin to take the drugs. Only after getting their feet ...
    26 Dec 2016


    BUPRENORPHINE WITHDRAWAL There are many different reasons that people become addicted to prescription drugs. With that being said, sometimes the cause is due to the person constantly being in a lot of bodily pain. Because of that reason, many people around the globe have fallen prey to different types of opioids. Opioids are popular because ...
    10 Dec 2016

    How to Go about Pain Pill Detoxification

    How to Go about Pain Pill Detoxification Painkillers are perhaps the most abused drugs today. More and more people are now using Oxycontin and Vicodin (which are narcotic drugs) for non-medical or recreational purposes. However, others get prescriptions pain pills but end up developing an addiction. A 2009 report from the Substance Abuses and Mental ...
    28 Nov 2016

    NJTVonline.org : NJTV Drug Addiction Forum Focuses on Treatment

    CNT’s Dr. Cidambi, former NJ Gov. Jim McGreevy and other host NJTV’s forum on the drug epidemic in NJ and treatment and recovery options. Of particular interest to the interviewer and the audience was the Center for Network Therapy’s Ambulatory Detox model. The ambulatory Detox model was pioneered by Dr. Cidambi in NJ.
    17 Nov 2016

    How Rehab Helps Ease Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

    How Rehab Helps Ease Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms In the early stage of addiction, your intake might be in little quantity. However, soon or later, you found yourself unable to part with a pint every often. Perhaps you did not understand that alcohol is one of the most addictive substances. The solution to regaining sobriety lies ...
    1 Nov 2016

    The Dangers of Alcohol to the Body You Need to be Aware of

    The Dangers of Alcohol to the Body You Need to be Aware of Believe it or not, the effects of alcohol take place from the very first time you drink it. Although it should not come as a concern when we drink wine occasionally, it could become a problem when it gets out of hand ...
    22 Oct 2016
    Print Online Press

    MyCentralJersey.com : Lt. Governor Kim Guandango tour center for network therapy

    New Jersey’s Lt. Governor, Kim Guadagno, visited the Center for Network Therapy to understand the ambulatory Detox model and find out how CNT is able to address the needs of individuals suffering from opiate withdrawal, benzo withdrawal and alcohol withdrawal. She was impressed by the efficacy of the program.
    17 Oct 2016
    Print Online Press

    Rehab Today : Now there’s an implant to treat opioid addiction . But will it really help people or create more problems?

    Rehab Today, a leading web site that discussed addiction issues, sought Dr. Cidambi’s views on implantable buprenorphine, Probuphine. Dr. Cidambi detailed why she thinks the uptake of Probuphine will be much weaker than expected.
    17 Oct 2016
    Print Online Press

    National Public Radio : Long-Acting Opioid Treatment Could Be Available In A Month

    FDA recently announced the approval of Probuphine, an implantable form of buprenorphine, for treating opioid dependence. National Public Radio sought the views of Dr. Cidambi, addiction expert and medical director of the Center for Network Therapy, on the medication.
    17 Oct 2016
    Print Online Press

    Dr. Oz The Good Life.com : The first implant for opioid addiction just recieved FDA approval

    Dr. Oz’s online health site seeks addiction expert, Dr. Cidambi’s views on Probuphine, which was recently approved by the FDA. Probuphine is intended for treatment for opioid dependence and it is used to treat individuals suffering from opiate withdrawal and opiate cravings. Dr. Cidambi, Center for Network Therapy’s medical director argues why Probuphine will flop.
    17 Oct 2016
    Print Online Press

    Psychology Today : Does gender matter when it comes to addiction recovery?

    Dr. Cidambi posted an article on the world’s most trafficked psychology web site, Psychology Today, detailing why women are predisposed to get addicted faster and how to accelerate their recovery by identifying their special needs.
    17 Oct 2016

    4 Ways to Overcome the Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs

    4 Ways to Overcome the Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs Many people in the United States are suffering addiction to the Alcohol and drugs. These substances are claiming the lives of many people in the world. America is no different as there are so many are dying because of the addiction to these things. These ...
    15 Oct 2016

    Thedoctorschannel.com : 3 Step Protocol May Save Patients from Drug Abuse

    The Doctor’s Channel is a television channel aimed exclusively at doctors. In the interview, Dr. Cidambi recommends 3 steps doctors should take while prescribing opioid pain medications in order to minimize the chances of addiction to pain pills.
    1 Oct 2016


    NO MORE OUT OF CONTROL Because there are so many people that have fallen victim to alcohol abuse, clinics around the nation are offering both inpatient and outpatient treatment. With this being said, outpatient treatment works well for those folks that have developed an alcohol problem but they are not considered to be an alcoholic. ...
    1 Oct 2016
    Print Online Press

    Huffington Post and Psychology Today : Women with addiction have special needs

    Addiction specialist, Dr. Indra Cidambi is an expert in treating women with addiction issues. She recognizes the unique challenges women face as they deal with addiction. The press release details her approach to treating women with substance use disorders and it was published in the Huffington Post and Psychology Today.
    30 Sep 2016

    4 Ways to Find the Best Detox Center in NJ

    4 Ways to Find the Best Detox Center in NJ One of the finest ways to get over the addiction is by joining or taking treatment from a detox center. Without a speck of doubt, it is also the quickest way to get out of a habit that you might be suffering from ages. Nowadays, ...
    20 Sep 2016


    NO MORE DEPENDENCY In the society that we live in today, many people have become addicted to substance abuse. With that being said, there are many different treatment clinics that have been set up all over the world to address these issues. There are several different reasons why people have fallen victim to this disease. ...
    20 Sep 2016

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