The Dangers of Alcohol to the Body You Need to be Aware of

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Believe it or not, the effects of alcohol take place from the very first time you drink it. Although it should not come as a concern when we drink wine occasionally, it could become a problem when it gets out of hand and we consume it more than what the body can handle. When this happens, you need to seek out help from New Jersey addiction treatment centers. To avoid this from happening, we need to educate ourselves of the negative effects of alcohol to our body.

Endocrine and Digestive Systems

Too much consumption of alcohol can take a toll on these two body systems. It could cause abnormal activities on the digestive enzymes which are secreted by the pancreas. When the pancreas produces too many enzymes, it could lead to a very serious condition called pancreatitis and could potentially be a cause for more serious conditions.

The Liver

We probably see this everywhere. Alcohol damages the liver. There is no arguing. It is just a plain fact. The liver normally works as an organ that breaks down harmful substances from the body. When there is too much alcohol, the liver tends to go on ‘overtime work’ and the whole process will tire it out and causes it to malfunction.

When the liver gets affected by diseases, it could be hazardous to one’s health and ultimately lead to death. Studies show that women are more prone to liver diseases when they get addicted to alcohol and consume it more than what is recommended as their bodies are made to absorb more alcohol and will need a longer time to remove it from their body system.

The Nervous System

The effects of alcohol can be noticed immediately when a person goes into a drunk state. Have you ever noticed how a person’s speaking becomes slurred when they are drunk? That is alcohol affecting the nervous system.

Alcohol can block the communication that happens between the body and the brain. This is why people who had too much to drink has slurred speech and cannot move or walk properly as the brain cannot tell the parts of the body to get in balance.

Prolonged exposure to alcohol can further cause numbness in the hands and feet. Furthermore, alcohol prevents the brain to make long-term memories and will reduce its ability to make rational decisions. Ultimately, the frontal lobe may become damaged. This is why drinking is almost always associated with mental health as an alcohol addict can become violent and emotionally disoriented.

Alcohol Dependency

When drinking becomes too much, a person may develop a serious dependency on alcohol. And, when a person decides to stop and the body has gotten used to alcohol, withdrawing from it can become hazardous to one’s health. When a person withdraws from alcohol they may experience the following symptoms:

  • Nervousness and anxiety
  • Nausea and tremors
  • Irregular heartbeat and heavy sweating
  • High blood pressure

Because of these tremendous effects, a person who is alcohol dependent and badly wants to break the addiction will need the help of New Jersey addiction treatment centers to make detoxification easier for them.


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