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Rehabilitation Center in New Jersey

Substance use disorders are serious, chronic conditions that should be addressed utilizing a comprehensive treatment plan at the best possible rehabilitation center in NJ. Addiction can make your life and those of your loved ones unimaginable, and oftentimes, unrecognizable. You can detox from alcohol or drugs, but detox itself is not a panacea. it is just the beginning of your road to recovery. A detox program addresses the symptoms related to drug abuse. But the underlying root cause also needs to addressed in order to mitigate the chances of the problem returning. An effective program to address the root causes is offered at the Center for Network Therapy,

The Center for Network Therapy (CNT) not only addresses the symptoms, such as withdrawal and cravings, it also treats the underlying psychological issues that hamper your ability to handle difficult situations that act as triggers. We understand that every patient is different. Hence, we provide personalized rehab programs for you or your loved one struggling with substance abuse. At CNT, we have a team of seasoned, empathetic therapists who can treat the underlying causes of your addiction. They will assist you and provide full support to manage your life better. Our experience in rehabilitation services increases the likelihood that you will remain drug and alcohol free.

Symptoms of Substance Abuse:

A person suffering from substance use disorders could be experiencing some treatable psychological disorders and/or physical conditions, which they have attempted to self-medicate or utilizing drugs or alcohol. Some of the root causes include relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Being on prescription opioids also activates reward regions in the brain causing euphoria—or high—that underlies the potential for misuse and addiction disorders. Misuse of opioids results in lethargy, irrational fears, trauma, anxiety, migraine, insomnia, chemical imbalance and physical pain. There are many more issues that may be experienced by a person who needs treatment and rehabilitation. We help our clients to recover and heal from many of these conditions with a customized rehab program.

Holistic Therapies for Breakthrough Treatments:

The medical staff at CNT is completely devoted to enabling the rehabilitation of patients suffering from alcohol dependency or drug abuse. We formulate customized rehab plans to enable faster recovery. In fact, CNT is a top notch NJ rehabilitation program and is also the most affordable program in New Jersey. The cost to you is minimal because we are credentialed and in network with most private health insurance plans. Treatment will be offered in a comfortable setting with necessary support and tools provided to every patient for a faster recovery.

  • Our clinical team is highly experienced in the treatment of underlying issues that cause addiction.
  • We offer a variety of holistic treatments tailored to your needs.
  • While we believe money should not be a factor in treatment because a healthy life is invaluable, our rehabilitation programs are the most affordable.

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