The Benefits Of Outpatient Addiction Treatment

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Drug addiction rehab or therapy can be safely carried out within a clinic, hospital, or medical center. Alternatively, based on an agreement or other conditions, an outpatient drug rehab program could be arranged. Both types of medical care have their merits, and the decision on which to go for depends on such factors as financial strength, the severity of the case, the patient’s disposition, etc. Many have wondered, what is outpatient addiction treatment about and what are the benefits? Without further ado, here are the answers.

What Is Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

Medical intervention is generally performed in a formal hospital or clinic setting. But, of course, medical intervention can happen just about anywhere, provided that the necessary equipment is arranged.

Outpatient treatment programs also called intensive outpatient treatment (OIP), is a form of rehabilitation for patients struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, dependence and abuse, and who are past the stage where they need detoxification or intensive monitoring/supervision. The unique feature of outpatient drug rehab is that the patient can try to live a normal life outside the hospital while trying to overcome the addiction problem. Usually, patients only visit the addiction clinic, hospital, or addiction treatment center or other designated professional regularly, on specific periods within the week. Outpatient treatment also incorporates the necessary support for patients to participate actively in the whole process.

The main difference between inpatient and outpatient rehab programs is that the living arrangement for patients is more flexible in the latter. This allows patients in that category to have a structured, inclusive, and strict but yet comfortable therapy whilst having the barest disruption in their day-to-day life.


Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Treatment

  1. More degree of freedom: Outpatient addiction programs afford patients greater freedom in living their lives while still getting treated. There is a vast difference between being stuck within a treatment center no matter how comfortable it is and the privilege of going and coming as you please while still receiving therapy. This freedom to live a healthy life as much as possible is quite important to many and may be vital in helping them succeed.
  2. Structured, adapted medical care: Outpatient treatment makes it possible for patients to have specially structured medical care to suit their needs and schedule. Patients can sit with the medical personnel and draw up the best plan that suits them. Such privilege of plan assures the patient that the care is specific for them. It is amazing how well patients respond when they are in a specially designed program to take in their needs, desires, and prioritize their comfort.
  3. Access to support from family and other community: Outpatient care makes it easier for patients to receive support from their family members and communities of people with similar situations, who have achieved success. This is another way of helping them gain independence from drugs and alcohol. The more patients interact with someone who beat the problem, the more likely it is for them to beat it too.
  4. Better chance at integration with the society: Inpatient treatment, especially for a protracted period, can alter how the patient relates to the community. For example, some extroverts could become less extroverted after some months or years in a hospital. This affects not just their temperament but also impacts the way they live.
  5. Saving costs: It could cost so much to be admitted to a hospital or to live in a rehab home for a long time. Opting for outpatient treatment is a safe way to cut costs while getting therapy because you do not have to pay for the extra bills that come with inpatient treatment.

Outpatient treatment is never the first method for drug rehab, and there are factors to consider before opting for it. However, outpatient drug rehab offers patients the best chance to live a normal life during therapy and helps in easing the integration back to society.


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