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    Pain Pill Detoxification

    In the United States, Prescription Pain Relievers are the most frequently abused type of prescription drug.

    Strong painkilling prescription medications, classified as Opiates or Narcotics and can have the potential to become addictive, even if taken under a doctor’s supervision and recommendation.

    Prolonged use of these prescription painkillers, whether prescribed or used recreationally, can lead to nerve damage and an inability for the body to stop pain without the physical dependence on these drugs.

    Many patients progress to increased tolerance, using more than prescribed and experiencing withdrawal symptoms when trying to stop or reduce dosage. These are the classic signs of opiate abuse and addiction.

    Painkiller Opiate withdrawal can be dangerous and even deadly depending on the severity of abuse.

    The cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting opiate use are very strong, making it try to quit cold turkey a daunting, almost impossible task.

    It is for this reason that medication-assisted treatment is recommended to overcome the physical, psychological and cognitive dependence on prescription painkillers.

    For stimulant pain pills, withdrawal symptoms may include depression, anxiety, aggression, intense dreaming, suicidal ideation, stomach pain, tremors, sweating, fever.

    Opioid withdrawal symptoms include joint pain, gastrointestinal disorders, increased sensitivity to pain and muscle pain. If a person is addicted to depressant pain pills, the symptoms may include fatigue, depression, low blood pressure, poor concentration, anxiety, and fever.

    For proper treatment and medically-assisted detox, you need specialized medical care at a well-equipped outpatient facility like Recovery CNT with a staff that is trained in medical intervention and psychological counseling to address the changes that drugs have been caused in a user’s brain due to prolonged use.

    The Timeline for Pain Pill Withdrawal:

    If the prescription pain pills are short-acting, the withdrawal symptoms will be experienced immediately after missing a dose. However, these symptoms may be delayed in most cases.

    Many people who want to quit using opiates find it difficult to get past the first few weeks mostly because of the physical withdrawal symptoms and, as time progresses, even psychological elements of the addiction tend to linger on.

    How Can Detoxification Help?

    A person requires medically-assisted pain pill detoxification for getting rid of the dependence on painkillers and management of withdrawal systems. At CNT, starting with detox, our outpatient programs also provide drug counseling, drug testing, and other types of treatment to ensure long term recovery.

    At CNT, we understand the complexities of painkiller addiction and provide a personalized detox treatment plan for every patient that includes a detailed evaluation and proper case management.

    For more details, please call 732 560 1080 or reach us on our Contact page.

    In case of emergency call 911 or head to the nearest ER.


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