Choosing a Methadone Clinic for Opiate Withdrawal

What is a methadone clinic?

These are specialized clinics that treat patients suffering from an addiction to opiates and experiencing opiate withdrawal symptoms utilizing methadone. Instead of going to an inpatient facility, you can choose to obtain treatment for opiate withdrawal on an outpatient basis through methadone clinics. You need to be evaluated and admitted to a methadone clinic in order to receive a daily dose of methadone to address opiate cravings, opiate withdrawal and opiate dependence.

Choosing the right methadone detox clinic in NJ can be challenging. There are many options and this is new for you as well. Hopefully, this article can make things a little easier to choose methadone treatment.

  • The total cost of opiate withdrawal treatment

All medical procedures are expensive. This is especially true when the process extends for months, or sometimes even years. There is no fixed time for methadone treatment. Your intensity of opiate abuse, duration of abuse and engagement in therapeutic milieu, will determine the length of treatment.

The medical team at the facility will also need to monitor your progress regularly. A methadone taper may be initiated when it is determined that you have gained enough knowledge of relapse prevention and coping skills. There is no quick fix, and remember that addiction is a chronic disease and the greater the length of treatment, the better.

The great advantage of methadone treatment is that most programs enjoy some level of government funding and accept Medicaid, so even people with meager financial resources can access treatment. However, you still need to do your due diligence before you select a methadone clinic for opiate withdrawal treatment because you want to make sure that you are getting the therapy need to affect life style changes needed to achieve long-term sobriety.

  • The location of the methadone clinic

Accessibility is a huge factor when choosing a methadone clinic. This is because you need to get there every day in order to get the methadone for the day. So it is preferable that the methadone clinic is very close to home or on the way to work.

  • The Staff at the Methadone clinic

You will be ultimately treated by the staff at the methadone detox clinic in NJ. So the quality and expertise of the professionals working there are crucial for your recovery process.

Most of the facilities will probably not allow it but you can ask for the credentials of the personnel who will be in charge of you and your recovery. Otherwise, you have to go with the overall demeanor of the staff. They should be familiar with cases like yours. An approachable staff will also be helpful if you need any extra attention or need any concerns addressed.

You need to remember that the staff will be responsible for your health so you cannot compromise on that aspect.

  • Personalized care

Not every individual suffering from addiction has the same problems. Every person wanting to enter recovery has a unique situation and body metabolism. So grouping them in a single group may not be optimal. You need to ensure that the clinic that you are going to is providing individual therapy to address your unique needs.

There needs to be a professional therapist who is assigned to you. He or she is responsible for you and will oversee the whole process – from monitoring your recovery to providing you with the necessary support. They are responsible for making sure that you overcome your opiate withdrawal symptoms and recover as soon as possible.

  • Certifications

A certified clinic comes with the credibility and assurance that they are a legit organization that can treat patients for drug addictions. The credibility comes from the accreditation by CARF or JHACO.

  • Patient reviews

One of the ways you can independently verify the effectiveness of a opiate detox clinic in NJ is by reading the reviews left by previous patients. These reviews could reflect how the clinic treats its patients. When a “word-of-mouth” recommendation is not available, reviews may give you some idea about the quality of the program. A word of caution here – many reviews are written by friends and family of the treatment clinic owners or staff, making it difficult to depend on them for objectivity.

  • Discharge procedure

The aftercare of recovery is just as important as the recovery period itself. You need to know about the discharge plan the clinic will develop for you upon successful completion of the program.  A robust and realistic discharge plan will ensure long-term sobriety.


We have tried to list some of the important factors that should be considered before choosing a Methadone Clinic. Be sure to seek direct assistance from experts and get more informed on methadone clinics in New Jersey.

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