Facts Concerning Benzo Addiction You Never Knew

Drugs Withdrawal

Benzo is among the most abused drugs in the globe right now. Most people have for a long time now had the misconception that it can ease their pain only to end up hooked to it.

What most people forget to note is that Benzo medication is a prescription for conditions like anxiety.

It has always been a wise choice to abide by the prescription but of late reports have indicated a major violation of this drug.

Well, if you did not know the consequences of overusing this drug or violating the doctor’s prescription go through the following possible repercussions that come with Benzo addiction if you don’t get addiction treatment in NJ.

Superfast to Get Addicted

According to research, you can mitigate the dopamine level in your body if you take Benzo medication. The after effect is relaxation, happiness, and relief of your body. The irresistibility of this feeling is the reason people end up using Benzo more than it should be used.

This progressively worsens to an addiction that one cannot crawl out easily. Unlike other drugs that may take years to develop an addiction in the user, Benzos only need six months and you will be hooked to it too deep to stop.

Users End Up Cognitively Weakened

The brain slowly deteriorates as you use more of the Benzo medication. Doctors often prescribe it for a short time but the aftermath is addicted patients that failed to heed the prescription call. You may find yourself being incompetent to do things at your place of work or being forgetful before it progresses to even worse condition. It also accelerates aging.

High Chance of Acquiring Alzheimer

Once you are down the road of abusing Benzos then you are amplifying your chances of getting Alzheimer, a neurodegenerative disease that can be detrimental to your social and economic life. It has in fact been warned that any prolonged use and abuse of Benzos should be taken as a serious public health concern.

Likelihood of Premature Death

This is the ultimate consequence of Benzos abuse. Forget about the withdrawal symptom that may be severe, death is in the vicinity once you start using the drug on a daily basis. This is not a bluff as there is a substantial amount of research that was done before ascertaining this painful fact. It is thus instrumental that you check into a treatment facility for further help.

Severe Withdrawal Symptoms

Some of the most common symptoms include nausea, stiffness, insomnia, persistent headache and even muscular and body pains. The symptoms may be extremely severe depending on how addicted you have been to the drug. One may go as far as having random and frequent seizures and even psychosis in advanced stages. Once you are addicted to Benzos your way back to normal may be extremely harder than you expected. Nobody stops using the drugs in just a day or week. It may take time and even so the repercussions are severe and that is why you need to seek addiction treatment in NJ.


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