The Dangers Of COVID-19 And Substance Disorders

As the coronavirus pandemic threatens our way of life, everything is changing and everyone is adapting. Remember, individuals suffering from substance use disorders are at higher risk of contracting Coronavirus due to comorbid conditions and urban/suburban demographics. If you or a loved one suffer from addiction, it is critical that treatment is accessed immediately!


  • Opioids, meth, alcohol, smoking/vaping, etc. can suppress respiratory function, restrict blood vessels and aggravate respiratory distress caused by COVID-19.
  • Risk of overdose is greater, as life-saving measures such as CPR or the administration of naloxone may not be as effective.


Individuals who need urgent withdrawal management or detoxification services may be unable or unwilling to go inpatient due to a higher perceived risk of infection. Luckily, there is a more effective outpatient option for detoxification from alcohol, anesthetics, benzos and opiates.


The Center for Network Therapy is the first licensed ambulatory or outpatient detoxification program (all substances). Outpatient detox works better due to the integration of the patient’s living environment into treatment, customization of medication protocols and longer length of stay. CNT has 3 locations – West Orange, Middlesex and Freehold. We adhere to CDC hygiene standards during the ongoing pandemic. CNT is in-network with all major health insurance plans – Aetna, AmeriHealth, Cigna, Horizon BCBS (EPO, HMO, PPO), BCBS family, United Healthcare/Optum/Oxford, MagnaCare, Qualcare, Oscar, etc.


All of CNT’s locations are open and accepting patients immediately. Please call now for admission today: 732 484 9661.



In-network with:
Anthem BCBS
Beacon Health Options
Emblem BCBS
Empire BCBS
Horizon BCBS (EPO, HMO, PPO)
United Health/Optum/Oxford
Emblem GHI*


* If the QualCare logo is on the
insurance card