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The Center for Network Therapy (CNT) is led by Indra Cidambi, M.D., who has been recognized for her innovations in addiction treatment. Although opiate withdrawal was sometimes treated in an outpatient setting, she was the first to introduce outpatient treatment for alcohol withdrawal and benzodiazepine withdrawal. Besides lending her expertise to numerous media outlets, she has also been a prolific writer on topics that concern addiction and treatment.

Below you will find articles, op-eds and opinion pieces that explain new or emerging substances of abuse, new medications that may impact treatment and analysis of addiction treatment options.


Future Tech Podcast: Doing Away with the Inpatient Model of Addiction Treatment and Detoxification [Part2]

Dr. Cidambi explains that in contrast to the traditional model of inpatient care, which many insurance policies will not cover, an outpatient detoxification program will allow more patients to obtain care without the consequences of inpatient care, such as the required isolation from friends and family members, and having to take time away from work.
25 May 2019

Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Detox

Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Detox Table of contents What Are Benzodiazepine? Dependence on Benzodiazepines Benzodiazepine Withdrawal – Symptoms and Risks Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Management How To Address  Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Symptoms? Duration Of Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Symptoms What Are Benzodiazepine? In recent years, the opioid epidemic has received notable attention in the media. But other prescription medications pose as much ...
25 Feb 2019

Alcohol Withdrawal Management

Alcohol Withdrawal Detox Management If you are unable to stop consuming alcohol despite wanting to, or despite negative consequences, you may have become dependent on alcohol. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome can develop when you suddenly stop drinking alcohol after a period of frequent and substantial consumption, be it vodka, whiskey, wine or beer. If you try ...
20 Feb 2019

What Heroin can do to Your Body?

What Heroin can do to Your Body? There is an increase in the use of heroin in the streets of the US resulting from the ban on Opana and hydrocodone. Those who were addicts of these pain relieving treatments see heroin as the best option that is left. This is even elevated by the fact ...
30 Dec 2018
Blogs, Print Online Press

NJ Biz : Ambulatory detox centers starting to catch on

Center for Network Therapy in Middlesex becoming a model for the health care industry When the Center for Network Therapy first opened its doors in Middlesex and asked for referrals to its ambulatory detox service, New Jersey’s medical community wasn’t very eager. But in the past two years, the service has become popular and hospitals ...
30 Nov 2018

Playing Through Pain : NFL Gets Yellow Flag For Opioid Misuse

Playing Through Pain : NFL Gets Yellow Flag For Opioid Misus Addiction Expert Dr. Indra Cidambi provides insight into the consequences of using opioid pain medication to mask pain in order to continue to play New York, NY – March 31, 2017 – As per research* by Washington University, retired National Football League (NFL) players ...
16 Nov 2018

The Faces Of Addiction : The Middle-Aged, Women And Fentanyl

The Faces Of Addiction : The Middle-Aged, Women And Fentanyl Addiction Expert, Dr. Indra Cidambi, analyzes factors driving continued growth in drug overdose deaths. New York, NY – March 15, 2017 – The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently released data that showed that drug overdose deaths (excl. alcohol) rose 11% year-over-year to 52,404 in ...
31 Oct 2018

Against The Law

Against The Law We’ve all been there. Drinks with our workmates after a long day. Celebratory drinks after a big win. Too many cocktails at a staff function. Some offices even host regular social functions within the business premises. More often than not, these are all just social gatherings that help employees bond, break barriers ...
26 Oct 2018

Impact on children of parental substance use

IMPACT ON CHILDREN OF PARENTAL SUBSTANCE USE Addiction Expert Dr. Indra Cidambi Shares Tips on How to Help Children Affected by Addiction NEW JERSEY-Our country is in the middle of a drug epidemic and, as per SAMHSA, 1 in 4 children in the United States is exposed to alcohol abuse or dependence in the family. ...
2 Oct 2018

Is your Doctor Unwittingly Enabling your Addiction?

Is your Doctor Unwittingly Enabling your Addiction? Opioid and benzodiazepine abuse is a critical problem in America. Some people may not even be aware that they have become chemically dependent on one of these medications until they stop taking the medication and begin to experience withdrawal symptoms, as the need for substance detoxification grows. Many ...
29 Aug 2018

Brian Cuban praises center for network therapy’s outpatient detox model

Brian Cuban praises center for network therapy’s outpatient detox model BEST-SELLING AUTHOR AND AUTHORITY ON ADDICTION VISITS NEW JERSEY’S FIRST AMBULATORY DETOX CENTER AND SHARES HIS RECOVERY STORY WITH PATIENTS New Jersey –June 3, 2016 – The Center for Network Therapy (CNT), New Jersey’s first state licensed ambulatory detox facility for all substance abuse, welcomedBrian ...
17 Aug 2018

Probuphine – formidable hurdles will severely limit adoption

Probuphine – formidable hurdles will severely limit adoption The battle of treating those living with the disease of addiction is ongoing and ever – challenging. New treatments and medications are continually being developed, tested and introduced. One of the newer medications on the market, introduced in 2016, is Probuphine. This drug is unique in its ...
31 Jul 2018

Mixing Opiates With ‘Benzos’

Mixing Opiates With ‘Benzos’ According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, nearly 200 people in the United States die due to opiate overdose every day. That is of epidemic proportions! Despite various efforts by the federal and state bodies, the epidemic continues unabated. One of the reasons the opioid overdose deaths continue to rise ...
21 Jul 2018

Will Government Initiatives Help The Opioid Crisis?

Will Government Initiatives Help The Opioid Crisis? Around 30 states have implemented new laws and policies, limiting physician’s ability to prescribe opioid pain pills to their patients. The most common method is to put a limit on the first prescription for opioid pills, stipulating that it should be for a week or less. There are ...
15 Jul 2018

SAMHSA: Why Addiction is a Disease and Why is it Important

SAMHSA: Why Addiction is a Disease and Why is it Important SAMHSA recognizes CNT’s Dr. Cidambi as a leader in addiction treatment; SAMHSA invites Dr. Cidambi to participate in a panel discussion on why Addiction is a Disease. Dr. Cidambi highlighted to SAMHSA’a audience the fact that a move to increased outpatient treatment for the ...
11 Jul 2018

Holiday binge drinking – Five sign you are abusing alcohol

Many individuals binge drink during the holidays as the party season is in full swing. Dr. Cidambi suggests that they should become aware if they are abusing alcohol or using it as an emotional crutch.
30 Jun 2018

Journaling to recovery, Made simple

Over time journaling that demands a lot of time becomes an arduous task and individuals in recovery tend to discontinue it. Dr. Cidambi, America’s leading addiction expert, shares her methodology of journaling, which is effective and can be done in 2 minutes or less.
16 Jun 2018

Teens and the abuse of the “good grade” pill

CNT’s Medical Director, Indra Cidambi, M.D., talks about the misconceptions about Adderall, highlights the potential of getting addicted to Adderall and the possibility of the medication becoming the “gateway” drug leading to abuse of other substances.
2 Jun 2018

Cracking Down on Opiates

Cracking Down on Opiates Pain Pill Prescriptions Leads To A More Deadly Drug Trend: Pressed Pills Over 30 million people worldwide use opiates – for legitimate pain or for recreational purposes. Unfortunately, many uses them to feed their addiction, and suffering from detoxification withdrawal symptoms when attempting to quit it. Irrespective of whether opiates, such ...
29 Apr 2018

WCBS Newsradio 880 with Neil Carouosso

America’s leading addiction expert, Dr. Indra Cidambi, warns against the “vaping” trend, especially among teenagers. She predicts that it will eventually lead to experimentation with more potent drugs and addiction.
26 Apr 2018

Bold Business

America’s leading addiction expert, Dr. Indra Cidambi, discusses the opioid crisis ravaging the country and opined that decriminalization should be used as an incentive to motivate individuals suffering from addiction to enter recovery and re-integrate into the workforce.
12 Apr 2018

The Takeaway WNYC and NPR

The nationally syndicated radio news program invited the country’s leading addiction expert, Dr. Indra Cidambi, about her work as an Addiction Psychiatrist and how she wants to change the way opioids are being prescribed.
12 Apr 2018

Is Addiction in my Genes?

Is Addiction in my Genes? Are you living with a parent or family member who suffers from addiction? Are you concerned that you may be predisposed to addictions? Addiction has a strong genetic component and your concerns are well founded. Two factors strongly contribute to the initiation of use of addictive substances; environment and genetics. ...
7 Apr 2018

Sublocade: Directionally Positive, But Not A Panacea

Sublocade: Directionally Positive, But Not A Panacea Buprenorphine has been used for nearly two decades to treat addiction to opiates, such as prescription pain pills, heroin, and fentanyl. In fact, Buprenorphine has been very successful as it not only provides relief from withdrawal symptoms, it also mitigates cravings. Physicians prescribe buprenorphine, which comes in Listerine-like ...
27 Mar 2018

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