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    AA Meetings in NJ

    Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a fellowship of men and women who want to share their experiences and struggles to recover from dependence on alcohol in order to support and help each other. It takes nothing but a desire to quit drinking to join this fellowship. It is self-supported through the contributions made by the members. Alcoholics Anonymous follows the 12-Steps to help people enter recovery from an addiction to alcohol. AA meetings are so ubiquitous that they are even held in cruise ships! Over the decades AA has helped millions of people achieve and maintain sobriety.

    CNT offers treatment services for members of Alcoholics Anonymous in New Jersey who may have fallen off the wagon. We provide local services to individuals suffering from dependence to alcohol. It is important to get back on the wagon and live a healthy life. CNT’s programs have proved effective for many people.

    The AA program includes:


    Meetings are held for people who were or are dependent on alcohol. AA is fellowship of people who suffered from the same disease sometime in their lives – dependence on alcohol. Meetings consist of sharing stories, helping other members in times of crisis and veteran members take newer members under their wing in order to support and guide them in recovery (called sponsorships). A list of meetings is available online for every region of the world. Hundreds of meetings take place every week in New Jersey. You may go to as many meetings as you want to in order to maintain sobriety.


    A member who has moved far into recovery has a rich experience to share with newer members of Alcoholics Anonymous in NJ. Such members act as sponsors – that is, they take newer members under their wing and are available 24×7 for support and crisis interventions.

    A Tradition of Service:

    In AA terms service means spreading the message about AA. It is about sharing the means of staying sober. It is about being ready to help a fellow member anytime, anywhere. It is about being active in your one’s local AA group. It is about getting involved in functions that serve the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. A service may include small tasks like chairing the meetings, making the coffee, group services, greet the people, answering the phones, or speaking at meetings and events.

    At CNT, we not only support AA, we allow AA to run groups at our facility daily while patients are attending our various programs.

    If you wish to join our treatment programs, call us today or go to to learn more about us.


    In case of emergency call 911 or head to the nearest ER.


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